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It’s true! After a long hiatus, Jacelyn Tay returns to star in 再见单人床 “Pillow Talk”. Even after becoming a mother, Jacelyn is still in good shape and looking very radiant. This time she plays a lawyer, Alice, who is not only intelligent but pretty, classy and confident. As she is a strong career woman, she does not open up to others easily to prevent herself from getting hurt. We are definitely looking forward to Jacelyn’s performance and we’ll see what kind of on-screen sparks she’ll have with her co-stars!




Heart throb Thomas Ong also stars in this series. He plays Zhang Qiu Yu who is a professional banker. He works very hard to give his wife (played by Michelle Chia) a good life but disagrees with her views on their daughter’s education and this causes much unhappiness in the marriage. Qiu Yu is grateful to Alice who helped him when his marriage was on the rocks. They became business partners when she also came to his help after his investments failed. What happens next?



Michelle Chia plays Liang Chu Ning, wife of Qiu Yu and an accountant who dotes on her seven year old daughter. She puts a lot of pressure on herself and her daughter and already has plans for her all the way till university. Coming from a single parent family, she is very distrustful of men and always feels that Qiu Yu is up to no good.



Pierre Png takes the role of He Ting Kai, an engineer who is a filial son. Check out Pierre’s new hair style, he cut it specially for this role! We think all engineers should look like that! :p



Joanne Peh plays Ting Kai’s partner Qiu Xue who is the sister of Qiu Yu. She is a sales manager, a romantic idealist but stubborn.


Hong Hui Fang and Chen Shu Chen play the parents of Ting Kai.


Chen Shu Chen is a cab driver in this show…In real life he is so hilarious! Seeing how tense the studio was, he started dancing and imitating Joanne Peh’s rifle dance that she performed in “A Song to Remember”! After seeing his happy little dance, everyone burst out laughing!


Hong Hui Fang’s role is a kind hearted housewife who does volunteer work and helps the less fortunate…awwww!



Last but not least, Xiang Yun plays a secretary in a big company. She is a workaholic who at the end realises that she has no purpose in life other than work. We love Xiang Yun’s new hairdo! It’s a nice change and she sure looks spunky in it!

With a such a cool cast on board, what will happen next? You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for 再见单人床 “Pillow Talk”! ;)

Pillow Talk “再见单人床” debuts April 2012, Mon-Fri 9pm!

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  1. vignes

    2 years ago

    such a sweet and lovely show … help to learn a l ot about relationship issued !! kinda sad its ending soon :/

    great cast :)

    cheer :D


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