The Heartlanders in Singapore


To celebrate MediaCorp’s 30 years of local dramas, Channel 8 proudly presents year-end blockbuster 34-episode drama – It Takes Two 《对对碰》!

Here’s a little inside of the drama:

Based on true life accounts of our heartlanders in Singapore, the stories of their lives are not only close to our hearts, but are also something that we can easily identify and relate to.

The main story revolves around two families who sell “handmade fishball noodles” at a food centre and lives opposite each other in a block of 4-room flats at a particular housing estate. As business rivals, sparks occasionally fly between them.


Family #1:


Chen Han Wei plays牛无银Niu Wu Yin. His name may mean “penniless”, but in fact, he’s wealthy. He does not only enjoy a thriving business but he has the Midas touch as well.

Chen Hui Hui plays his hardworking wife Xiu Hua, one who hardly ever complains.

Zhu Hou Ren plays Wu Yin’s father. He leads a “blessed” life, as both his son and daughter-in-law treasure him – whatever he wants or needs, he gets it.

Family #2:


Yao Wen Long plays郝有财Hao You Cai, a simple and honest man. His name may mean “wealthy”, but he actually suffers from poor business.

Kym Ng plays Luona, who is a vicious wife. She complains a lot and looks down on her husband for being poor. She also moans all day to the extent that she pinches her mother-in-law, played by Jin Yin Ji, out of spite.

“Niuji” stall enjoys brisk business while “Haoji” stall suffers from poor business.


As the story progresses, something will happen … A turn of event will change the fate of their family’s luck!

Apart from these two families, other interesting characters include:

阿炮 (aka. 郝有福Hao You Fu), played by Zheng Ge Ping, the brother of Hao You Cai. Unlike the simple and honest brother, 阿炮is tricky and smart. He works as a loan shark ‘manager’ of the company, in hosting “overseas talents” (foreign runners).


He also has a crush on his personal assistant Vivian, played by Ann Kok. She is the Ah Longs ‘agent’, where she specially arranged errands for them.

Meanwhile, the way she dresses and grooms herself shocks people. Not only does she hate to wash up, she smells bad and it feels like she’s living in a dumpster!


阿炮detest her because of her hygiene and without fear, the two of them always opposed each other. But they will eventually come to a tacit agreement.

Moving on, Romeo Tan gets a new look in his role! He stars as the ‘Fish Prince’!

The nickname is given to him because of his youth and appearance.


He inherited his father’s fish stalls.  He who is unfazed by his lowly status, believes that he who tills diligently will reap a bountiful harvest. That one should never underestimate the importance of their career.

There’s definitely more characters in this drama! These stories of these people reflect the everyday issues that Singaporeans currently face.

It Takes Two 《对对碰》debuts November 2012 on Channel 8. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Wong Jia Xuan

    2 years ago

    Looking forward to Ann’s performance as Vivian! <3 Is she acting as a baddie? No right?

    [Bagua8] her character ain’t a baddie but she sure smells bad, lol.


  2. Ruffles

    2 years ago

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    Kindly check your WordPress settings. My ISP is StarHub and I can’t help it that it uses a transparent proxy. As the number of comments on most the blog posts here have fallen to zero over the past few months, I strongly suspect that I am not the only user experiencing this issue posting comments. The other possibility is that there is no longer any staff monitoring and approving the comments here.

    I have twice emailed the Xinmsn feedback email address about this issue, but with no response. The error has not been fixed either. This has been an ongoing issue since November 2011, that is, for eight whole months. I wonder what is going on here.

    A reply would be very much appreciated, so that hopefully I can stop wondering about when this technical issue is going to be fixed, if ever.

    I’m posting this via mobile broadband.

    [Bagua8] Hey Ruffles, we recieved your 3 comments posted last night but we’ll look into the settings and see what we can do here. Thanks for supporting our shows! =)

    [Bagua8] Updated: We checked our settings but we did not activate the spam settings to block comments from users behind proxies… Hmm, we’ll look into this again.


    • Ruffles

      2 years ago

      Thanks for the reply! :) This is the first response I’ve gotten on the issue ever since I first encountered the problem in November 2011. (I’ve sent two emails to the Xinmsn feedback email address and also mentioned the problem in several past comments that I submitted here, but this is the first reply I’ve gotten.)

      I’m still receiving the same error when I’m accessing this blog via my usual StarHub broadband connection. I’m currently posting this comment through mobile broadband.

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      Thank you once again for looking into the issue! :)

      [Bagua8] you’re welcome! we’re still not sure what the issue is cos we’ve already modified the spam settings. annoying isn’t it? > <


  3. Ruffles

    2 years ago

    Glad to see that Ang Eng Tee is back to writing heartlander dramas, which I feel is his forte. In comparison to his attempts at other genres e.g. historical melodrama (A Song To Remember) or sports drama (Table Of Glory).


  4. Que

    2 years ago

    This drama or beyond x is channel 8 year end blockbuster??

    [Bagua8] Joys of Life is 30th drama anniversary mid-year blockbuster drama while It Takes Two is 30th drama anniversary year-end blockbuster drama. Beyond is our year-end drama that is not part of the 30th drama anniversary celebrations cos the celebrations would have been over but it is big too! Do support both!


  5. Alice

    2 years ago

    Sorry but this “grand” production doesn’t feel grand at all… Mediacorp 30th anniversary and this is the best you guys can come up with? Another typcal family bickering soap drama? I expected better… :(

    [Bagua8] This drama goes back to our roots whose theme resonates with the majority of Singaporeans living in the heartlands. This story is about you and me, the people you come across around your neighbourhood and the societal issues faced by everyone everyday written by award-winning storyplanner Ang Eng Tee who wrote heartland dramas such as “Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸” and “Holland V 荷兰村”? Why not give this drama a chance? :)


  6. Zoefan

    2 years ago

    Would be great to have Zoe in the drama actually.


  7. Ann fan

    2 years ago

    hope can see more different roles for Ann Kok!


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