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Some vintage-loving for #StyleCheckers!

Hi fellow #StyleCheckers!

So my last post mentioned something about vintage styles and I’ve got some behind-the-scenes photos regarding this vintage theme here! :)

This are all taken at ”Chic Fever” at Haji Lane.
I was there with Candyce to film one of the item for #StyleCheckIn!

Really digging how they display their products.

Vintage, classy and organized.

Wanna make a guess on what this is?

It’s probably obvious but for those of you guys who can’t tell, it’s a house phone! :D

These manually-dialed-up-phones are going to be a must-have in my future house!

I love them these types of phone so much that I won’t mind building a theme around it!

That is to say if I’m getting the brown one above, I’m gonna make sure everything in my living room or bedroom goes well with it.

I know it’s probably redundant as a use-able object because our technology is following us wherever we are (our handy smart-phones), but it’s such a eye-candy to the eyes (at least to my eyes). XD

Alright, I promise you that this will be the last photo of the vintage phones. XD

Okay, I lied. ;P

Right, enough of digression.

I won’t deny that I got a few things from this shop itself.

They are pretty affordable and the colours just appealed to me!

Even if you don’t need them, they looked so good that you can just hang them up as a decoration, haha! X)

Hahaha, just look at how happy the two of us were!

Of course, it’s not all shopping without working first! ;)

If you ran out of ideas for the vintage feel, definitely tune in to Style Check In tonight, 11/12/12! :D

Also, do tweet me at @Jiaqiwoo and @Channel_U with #StyleCheckIn if you happen to come across anything you think is worth featuring here!

If your pictures get featured, @Channel_U will be sending you a gift!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Drop a comment or two if you do.

We’ll see you there. ;)

Every Tuesday, 8pm on Channel U! :D

2 Responses to Some vintage-loving for #StyleCheckers!

  1. Ivy Lim says:

    May I know where the French bakery is located when the hosts tried all typesof bread including a black burger bun.

  2. upromo says:

    Hi Ivy, you may find the full list of items recommended on Style:Check-In here http://www.facebook.com/channelu?sk=notes

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