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Who are your Top 12 finalists of Campus Superstar 2013?

After several tough rounds of selection…

we finally unearthed 12 talented finalists for this year’s Campus Superstar!

So who are these talented potentials? And who do they admire most? Who has adoration for Korean singers such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation?

Who prefers Taiwanese singers like Show Luo, Jam Hsiao and Della? Who listed Adele and Justin Bieber as their favourites?

Here’s introducing to you….

*drum rolls*

The unpolished gems of 《校园SuperStar 2013》Campus Superstar 2013

Chee Shu Qi Phoebe

Who are Shu Qi’s favourite singers that she looks up to?

Probably people from Glee and Adele. Because Adele is so awesome. Although she is on the plump side, her singing is awesome. This just totally proves that as long as people love you and your singing, your looks don’t really matter.

Lim Yong Hang

Yong Hang’s favourite singers are… 实力派歌手?

JJ Lin, Cao Ge, Jacky Cheung

Yeo Min

Yeo Min has a unique choice of  favourite singers:

Adele, IU, Tokio Hotel, JJ Lin

Ng Yuan Yi

Which singers does Yuan Yi like and look up to?

Rainie Yang, A-Mei, Show Luo, Jessy Lee, Della, A-Lin, SHINee, Miss A

Lee Yong Chiang

Yong Chiang’s favourite singers are:

JJ Lin, Jay Chou, Nikki Lee and Wu Ke Qun

Loo Mee Yee

There’s something about the Taiwanese singers that Mee Yee likes. Her list of favourites:

Show Luo, Jam Hsiao, A-Mei, Della

Gwendolyn Lee Xin Wen

Gwendolyn has a wide variety of favourites. See who they are.

Justin Bieber, 2NE1, Big Bang, Alicia Keys, Show Luo, Girls Generation, Demi Lovato and G-Dragon

Tan Mei Kee

We wonder if she ever attempts to follow the styles of her favourite singers’ below.

张惠妹, HEBE, 孙燕姿, Girls’ Generation

Joseph Li Jia Chen

Looks like Joseph can experiment with a variety of genres with the list of his personal favourites below.

JJ Lin, Derek Ho, Wang Lee Hom, Chris Brown, Jam Hsiao and Yoga Lin

Wong Yu Ting

Yu Ting has a preference over pop girl groups. Her favourites are:

Girls’ Generation, S.H.E

Valerie Loo

Valerie might experiment with a variety of styles based on her list of favourite singers.

Stephanie Sun, Adele, Demi Lovato, A-Mei

Leonard Lim Kian Hui

And who does Leonard looks up to? Who is his favourite singer?

A-Mei. She is like my god. She gives me the hope and power to love music. She is always the star that I look up to when I face difficulties in singing. I learnt most of my moral skills from her since I started listening to her music when I was 3 years old.




So who have you set your eyes on? Any one of them belongs to your school?

Would you like to see these finalists perform live?

Come join us at the Campus Superstar Music Showcase on 18 Jan, Friday,7.30pm!

CSS Alumni – Teresa Tseng, Geraldine See, Renfred Ng, Shawn Tok, Keely Wee, Jarod Lee and Cai Ai Jia will also be there to showcase their vocals!

Exclusive musical event (nope, the TV people won’t get to see this either) not to be missed!

Buy your tickets here: http://entertains.mediacorp.sg/EventDetails?id=a0P90000005yjcCEAQ

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now~!

And if you already not know, Campus Superstar 2013 consists of three stages: Radio, Magazine and Television.

And the competition is already at the Radio stage! Tune in to Y.E.S 93.3FM  this Thursday and the next two Thursdays at 8pm to listen to the finalists’ unplugged performances and vote for your favourite finalist!

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  1. cy says:

    hi… got something wrong with the profile… should me loo mei yee not loo mee kee

    Ch U: Thanks CY. It has been amended

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